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Below is a listing of articles I've written or am working on.

Early Music Colorado Quarterly

I've had two article published by Early Music Colorado Quarterly.  The first is from the fall of 2008 and is entitled "The Drum and the Dance".  It can be accessed here.  The second is from the fall of 2011 and is entitled "The Timpani and the Court".  It can be accessed here.

The Instrumentalist

I have a couple articles about percussion that are published by The Instrumentalist.  They can be accessed on their website here.  The first, from March 2010, is entitled "Mallet Percussion Tips".  It's a great article on teaching mallet percussion, with lots of useful tips for educators.  The second, from September 2015, is entitled "Fixing Percussion Problems During Rehearsals".  This is geared towards band directors who are not percussionists and are looking for practical solutions to common percussion problems.

PAS Educator's Companion

I've just had an article published by the PAS Educator's Companion.  It can be accessed here.  This article is designed to help the non-percussionist educator help their crash cymbal player.

Percussive Notes

My article on solo snare drum music was published in the July 2017 issue of Percussive Notes.