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Recommended Equipment and Literature

For my students:

  The following is a list of equipment and literature.  Some is recommended, some is required.  Please know that we must respect copyright laws and copying of music is illegal.  Also know that these are materials for your chosen profession and you should set aside money to purchase the necessary equipment and literature over time.

Required Equipment for Percussion Majors

1 pair of concert snare sticks: IP-JC

1 pair of drum set sticks: IP-JZ

2 pairs of medium marimba mallets

        Any of the following are recommended:

        IP She e-Wu

        IP Thomas Burritt

        IP William Moersch

2 pairs of vibraphone mallets: IP RS-201

1 pair staccato timpani mallets: IP GT-4

1 pair of xylophone mallets: IP 906

1 pair of bell mallets: IP 908

1 pair of triangle beaters: Black Swamp Spectrum SPEC2 5/16" head

2 black towels


Mallet bag

Tuning fork

Required Equipment for Drum Set Majors

Over the ear headphones (Vic Firth are recommended)

Two pairs of combo drum sticks

Two pairs of big band drum sticks

Two pairs of brushes

Recording device

Access to Spotify or Apple Music

Recommended Jazz Albums for Drum Set Majors

Art Pepper Plus Eleven/Art Pepper/Mel Lewis

Basie Straight Ahead/Count Basie/Harold Jones

Big Swing Face/Buddy Rich

Clifford Brown and Max Roach/Max Roach

Live at MCG/Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra/Jeff Hamilton

Moanin'/Art Blakey

Milestones/Miles Davis/Philly Joe Jones

Monk's Dream/Thelonius Monk/Frankie Dunlop

Shout Me Out/Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra/Jeff Hamilton

We Three/Roy Haynes

Required Books

The Art of Vibraphone Playing by Buyer and Gottry

Modern School/Goldenberg

Exercises, Etudes and Solos for Timpani/Carroll

The Multiple Percussion Book/Petrella

Stick Control/Stone

Portraits in Rhythm/Cirone

Advanced Snare Studies/Peters

Douze Etudes/Delecluse

The Art of Bop Drumming/Riley

Studio and Big Band Drumming/Houghton


Recommended Books


Method of Movement/Stevens
Ideo-Kinetics Workbook/Stout
Four-Mallet Democracy/van Geem

Snare Drum

Contemporary Studies for the Snare Drum/Albright

The Solo Snare Drummer/Firth

Tributes for Snare Drum/Atkatz

Develop Sight Reading for Snare Drum/G. David Peters


The Solo Timpanist/Firth

Modern Method for Timpani/Goodman

Studies in Copper/Orfaly

Fundamental Method for Timpani/Peters


Songs of Venus/Daughtrey 

Vibraphone Technique/Friedman

Drum Set

The Drummer's Bible (Second Edition)/Berry and Gianni

Big Band Drumming/Grassman


The Ultimate Play Along for Jazz Drummers/Davis

The Evolution of Jazz Drumming/Gottlieb

Advanced Funk Studies/Latham

Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drum Set/Malabe and Weiner

Groove Alchemy/Moore

Mel Bay's Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook/Pickering

The Art of Bop Drumming/Riley

Beyond Bop Drumming/Riley

Jazz Drummer's Workshop/Riley

Pathways of Motion/Smith


The Art of Playing Timbales/Rendon

Conga Cookbook/Sanchez

Conga Drummer's Guidebook/Spiro

Required Literature

These are not necessarily pieces you should have played, but you should at least know about them and have looked at them.  



Suite for Marimba/Fissinger

Monograph IV/Gipson

Toccata Fantasy/Helble

Yellow After the Rain/Peters

Etude in C Major, Etude in B Major, Etude Op. 6 #8 (Nature Boy)/Musser
Etude No. 1/Smadbeck

Two Mexican Dances/Stout

Snare Drum

2040's Sortie/Abel

Lonely City Suite/Baker

Three Dances/Benson

Six Unaccompanied Solos for Snare Drum/Colgrass

American Suite/Gauthreaux II


Africa Hot/Wooten

Multiple Percussion

West Side Impressions/Beck

Cold Pressed/Hollinden

Bone Alphabet/Ferneyhough



Canned Heat/Kopetzki

French Suite/Kraft

Morris Dance/Kraft

Anvil Chorus/Lang


The Castle of the Made King/Zivkovic


Sonata for Timpani/Beck

Three Episodes for Timpani/Beck

Triptych Motif/Beck

Four Pieces for Timpani/Bergamo

Raga #1/Cahn

Eight Pieces for Timpani/Carter

Prelude I for Four Timpani/Deane

Ballad for the Dance/Goodman

Variations for King George/Kraft


Suite for Timpani/Mancini



Mourning Dove Sonnet/Deane

Blues for Gilbert/Glentworth

Trilogy for Vibraphone/Huesgen

Crystal Mallet/Lipner