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Innovative Percussion

I have been with Innovative Percussion since 2009.  They are a wonderful company to work with and have been very supportive of clinics and presentations I have given.

On marimba, I have used the William Moersch series (IP 501-504) since graduate studies.  They have a great feel and are the perfect weight for me.  I have also used the She-e Wu line for various pieces.  The WU-6C will let you project for something like a concerto (the "C" stands for concerto).

For drum set, I play the Ed Soph ES-2 for combo.  The IP-JZ is a great stick for big band, as you can really dig in when you need to.

I use all of the James Ross series mallets for orchestral mallet playing.  The IP906 is usually what I will have my students use in a band setting as well, as it has a cutting sound that will get to the back of the hall.

Yamaha Corporation

I play the Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set in Classic Walnut.  I have a 14” snare, 8”, 10” 12”, 14”, 16” toms and a 22" bass drum.  The snare has a full sound that works in a variety of styles.

I play the Yamaha YM5100AC 5-Octave Rosewood Marimba.  It is responsive through the entire range and has an incredibly warm sound.  I teach and perform on this instrument and it is second to none.

I have always played Yamaha vibes.  I learned how to play on a YV-2700G at the University of North Dakota.  We have two YV-2700's with field frames on the field at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and they are fantastic instruments.  Durable with a great sound.  We use the same instrument for percussion ensemble and the concert bands.  Yamaha vibes are great instruments to make music on.


Zildjian is a great company and I'm so excited to be a Zildjian Artist!  Special thanks for Aaron, Keith and Wendy for all their work.  

I just got a 22" Avedis Ride, 14" Avedis Hats and a 22" Kerope Ride.  They are amazing!  A while back I visited the Zildjian Factory outside of Boston and had a great time playing hundreds of cymbals.  Here are the cymbals I purchased:

14" A Custom Hi Hats

18" Hybrid Crash

18" Special Selection

19" Armand Ride

20" A Crash Ride

20" K Custom Flat Ride

21" Hybrid Ride

22" A Medium Ride

22" K Constantinople Med Thin High Ride

22" Swish Knocker

I also have recently purchased a K 18" Dark Thin Crash and I'm having a blast playing it.  It's got a nice cutting sound that isn't too heavy. 

I love the variety that Zildjian offers.  They have cymbals for anything I need and are on the cutting edge of innovation.  Their Low Volume Cymbals are great for quiet practicing and 



I teamed up with Remo in 2017 and they have been so great to work with.  Bruce Jacoby knows the business and knows drummers, and I am truly grateful for my relationship with him.

I am playing Fiberskyns on jazz gigs right now.  This is the best head I have found so far for brushwork.  (There is a reason Jeff Hamilton uses these heads for brushes!)

My office is right next top a large rehearsal hall, where ensembles and classes happen all day long.  Remo's Silentstroke heads have made it possible for me to practice literally whenever I want.  They don't change my stroke and they offer real rebound and real sound response.  I can also hear them through headphones so that I still play along with music.

In rock situations I am playing their CS line of heads.  These offer definition and punch to cut through the band.


Puresound is a D'Addario company that makes snare wires, bass drum beaters and more for percussionists  Their snare wires offer a variety of sound options for whatever the situation.  They are high quality and are easy to change out.  Check their full line of products here.

The Gig Easy

Check out this amazing product!  If you use pdf sheet music on your iPad you have to get TheGigEasy!  Go to thegigeasy.com and find the one that works for you.

SureFire Earplugs

In trying to protect my hearing, I've been searching for a good solution for high-decibel situations, namely working in front of marching bands, concert bands, and jazz bands.  

I just ordered a pair of SureFire EP-10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max after hunting around online, and they deliver in a big way.  The foam they're made of seems to be a little more dense than the regular ten-in-a-box variety and there is a little earpiece that keeps them snug.  (I get the medium size and they work great.)  There is also a convenient cord to attach them to each other if you need to pull only one out of your ear at a time.  They come with a sturdy little carrying case.  They were 25.90 including shipping, which is a fantastic price for such a great product.  

I know all of this sounds like I must be an official endorser for SureFire, but I'm not.  It's just a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to protect their hearing.  

You can buy these earplugs here.