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Performance of Scott Ward's The Headache Miniatures: Stress...Relief by TAMUK Percussion Ensemble, November 1st, 2016

Performance of Eric Ewazen's Palace of Nine Perfections (mvt. 1) by TAMUK Percussion EnsembleNovember 4th, 2014

Performance of Josh Gottry's 120 Degrees by TAMUK Percussion EnsembleNovember 4th, 2014

2016 TAMUK Percussion Ensemble Performance at TMEA of Fandango 13 by Michael Burritt

Percussion Ensemble Rehearsal Recording

Palace of Nine Perfections

October 28, 2014

Palace of Nine Perfections Rehearsal 10.28.14

m. 1 wrong marimba notes

softer crash cymbal throughout beginning

2: wrong note on beat 2

3: slight crescendo at the end of bar 3

7: wrong note on and of 3

12: more marimba 1

15-18: less marimba

23: marimba and vibes are not together

m. 24: temple blocks and vibes must be together

31: wrong notes in metals

33: marimba 1 missed part

35-36: wrong notes in marimbas

43 must hear first melody note in mar 1
53 less suspended cymbal
57 8th notes are too loud, must hear melody more than the 8th notes
65-66 anytime marimbas have these simple accomp figures they tend to rush
88 wrong vibe note at very end of passage
100 marimbas w/8th notes here must balance better
120: throughout this section play the notes with a more staccato articulation on timpani
129: marimbas are not together, some people are rushing like crazy
138: metals must play the correct rhythm (bells)
142: marimbas are not together
154-155: more marimba 4 on entrances on beat 2 (I can’t hear this entrance)
156, 162, marimbas are not together (someone is behind)
184: one of the marimbas is rushing
202: wait for me for beat 4!
207: must hear melody on bt 2!
203: temple blocks must play correct rhythm
219: in the section starting here less marimba 3, we want more of the 8th notes in marimba, not the dotted quarters
229: play the correct note and stay on it, stop moving the chord around

Fandango 13 Rehearsal 

Fall 2015

Ensemble members, please watch this with your score in hand and see how your part should line up with other parts.