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Studio Class 3


Dr. Jason Kihle, Associate Professor of Percussion

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Tambourine: Four Techniques

Technique used is dependent on two things: dynamics and tempo

1. Dynamics: mf and up

   Tempo: slow to moderate

  1. thumb on head, hold at 45 degree angle (not flat, so they deaden faster)

  2. finger not through hole

  3. for more resonance, straight up and down and then go back to angle to deaden

  4. strike between center and edge; lots of wrist

2. Dynamics: mp and softer

   Tempo: slow to moderate

  1. use 2 fingers

  2. if still too loud: palm on head while holding at 45-degree angle  

  3. can also move hand to the edge

3. Dynamics: loud

   Tempo: fast

  1. hold tambourine with right hand upside down, LH hits halfway between edge and center with knee        

  2. use wrist in RH, must move LH

  3. practice with knee-hand-knee or knee-hand-knee

  4. use fist on tambourine to get loud doubles

4. Dynamics: soft

Tempo: fast

  1. tambourine upside down on knee

  2. play rim with both hands


Two Roll Techniques

1. Thumb       

  1. Not too much beeswax around edge

  2. think forward

  3. give note an attack, release with heel of fist

  4. thumb roll is designed for a short roll

2. Shake        

  1. don't grip with thumb     

  2. twisting roll: hit on attack and release- twist wrist